Value Added Service

Beyond the Oilfield

The Complete Experience

Additional and Complementary Addons

As a full service provider we work with you to coordinate you complimentary products such as: Casing Bowls, Marker Joints, Float Equipment, Well-heads, and Pup Joints.

To round out our value added portfolio we provide services such as inventory management to facilitate annual and program purchases. In addition we bring a team of business partners to aid in freight, transportation and logistics services to help you succeed.

Value Makes the Difference

Why Clients Choose SB Navitas

SB Navitas’s value added services include a diverse variety of offerings. From casing bowls and marker joints, to float equipment and wellheads, we can enrich your portfolio and help manage your projects. We also bring an educated team to assist with transportation and logistic services.

As we grow, we bring more ancillary value added services into the fold. Part of our mission is to ensure our client’s success grows with our own. If you are looking for particular services or assistance with project management, line pipe or OCTG we are more than happy to discuss options and strategies for mutual success.

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