Oil Country Tubular Goods

Market Leadership

Our OCTG Standards

As a leader in the OCTG marketplace, we at SB Navitas know the true value of good service. By focusing on the needs of our clients, we can ensure a better return on investment with value added services and quality OCTG products. Our commitment to excellence means that all of our OCTG products meet or exceed standard specifications and we pride ourselves in being able to deliver high quality and cost effective products time and time again.

Why Stand Out

Our OCTG Service is Different

Supplying OCTG requires precision, safety and dedication. We are proud to go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive results and delivery in a cost and time effective manner. We understand that our clients rely on dependable sources for OCTG and we ensure that we are able to delivery on time and on budget.

Alongside our commitment to quality and service, our focus and dedication to safe environmental standards ensures precision both in the field with pipeline installation, and in the office with informational matters. SB Navitas can handle short order, high stress situations to ensure projects continue to move forward.

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